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CARTO tackles H-1B visa issue in maps

See how the country's allocation of foreign-worker visas could change under new rules issued by the Trump administration.

Bushwick mappers CARTO took on a hot topic in the tech world recently, publishing an analysis, in maps, of the impact of proposed changes to the H-1B visa process.

In a post by junior map scientist Mehak Sachdeva, “Examining Potential Impact of H-1B Reform with Data Visualizations,” Sachdeva explains the current state of H-1B visas, and how changes by the Trump administration could change the map.

See the maps

Changes, which include a tightening of the process for the three-year work visas, has been the talk of the tech world of late. From a good LA Times story that explained the issue:

The Department of Homeland Security and its immigration processing branch issued a memo establishing a more rigorous vetting process for computer programmers. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced it will conduct more site visits to catch H-1B visa fraud, while the Justice Department warned employers seeking visas to not discriminate against American workers.

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