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Get stats for every NYC bus line with this remarkable website

The Bus Turnaround Coalition has a report card for every bus, and ideas for improving the city's least-discussed mass transit system.

The animations on are very nice. (Screenshot)

The B46 bus runs at an average speed of 6.8 miles per hour, with 17.1 percent of buses getting bunched up along the route. It’s the line with the most ridership out of Brooklyn’s 55 routes, with an average of 44,431 riders per day. The Bus Turnaround Coalition gives it a rating of 7 on a scale from 0-16.
You can look up those stats for literally every line in the city on the Bus Turnaround Coalition’s incredible site:
The B15, which runs from Williamsburg to JFK Airport is rated a little better, close to a 9. It averages 8.5 miles per hour and is 19 percent bunched. Its 5,844 riders make it the 37th-most-ridden route in Brooklyn, a 7 percent increase from 2010.

The Bus Turnaround Coalition report card for the B24. (Screenshot)

The Bus Turnaround Coalition report card for the B24. (Screenshot)

The is a project of Manhattan-based TransitCenter, a policy org devoted to improving mass transit in the city. According to spokesperson Tabitha Decker, “BusTurnaround.NYC is TransitCenter’s project and an element of the bus Turnaround Campaign that we’re part of (along with Riders Alliance, NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign, and TriState Transportation Campaign).”
This summer, TransitCenter released an 18-page report on the state of buses and what could be done to make them run better. The report included suggestions, such as that some routes should be reconfigured to be straighter and more efficient, or that some lanes should be made into bus-only lanes.
On the site itself, the Bus Turnaround Coalition offers solutions for how some bus problems could be solved in an animation of the lives of three characters taking the bus in New York City. The solutions include using both doors as entrances and simplifying how to pay for bus fare.
The site was created with help from Clinton Hill-based data visualization shop NiJeL and Bushwick map champs CARTO.

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