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Win six free months at the DUMBO Startup Lab

Join some email lists and get a chance at free coworking space.

DUMBO Startup Lab corner lounge From the @DUMBOStartupLab Twitter feed.

Brooklyn Based, Mediabistro, Levo League and Wakefield want you on their email lists. In order to entice you, they are offering a chance to win six months of free space at the DUMBO Startup Lab. We like the DUMBO Startup Lab. We are doing our second event there, The State of Brooklyn Startups on Feb. 25th.

Get a six month community membership, maybe. Sign up for the lists in one place, here and enter to win.

Here’s Brooklyn Based’s argument for why you should:

“Well you’re in your little room/And you’re working on something good/But if it’s really good/You’re gonna need a bigger room.” That’s Jack White’s take on the creative process, which could also describe what it’s like to be a freelancer or an entrepreneur, though here in New York, your “little room” is more like a couch and a laptop. And that bigger room?

DUMBO Startup Lab is an excellent choice for a bigger room.

[Brooklyn Based]

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