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WeDidIt scores $500,000 and will move to Buffalo after winning competition

A big win for the Dumbo startup and the NYU incubator that helped raise it.

Members of the Urban Future Lab alum WeDidIt. WeDidIt recently received $500,000 and a place in a prestigious upstate accelerator. (Courtesy photo)

Dumbo startup WeDidIt will be graduating from the NYU Digital Future Lab and moving out to Buffalo after winning a place in accelerator 43North’s Class of 2016 and the half a million dollars that comes with it.
It’s a big win for the startup, which makes a platform that aids in data analytics for nonprofit fundraising. We profiled the startup and its cofounder and CEO, Su Sanni, back in February of 2015, when the company had just been admitted to the Digital Future Lab.
“We noticed that online and digital fundraising was something that was changing, and it was changing most quickly in the creative world,” Sanni said at the time. “We just thought this was something that could definitely apply to charities and nonprofits, and perhaps even schools.”
The news is also a win for the Digital Future Lab, the Dumbo incubator run by NYU Tandon and financed, in part, by the city. Along with the Urban Future Lab, located in Downtown Brooklyn, and the Data Future Lab, located in SoHo, the Digital Future Lab comprises NYU Tandon’s Future Labs. According to the school, since the Future Labs’ launch in 2009, its startups have raised more than $245 million in capital, created 1,250 jobs and had a local economic impact of $352 million.
We can attest that Labs companies are busy. Last month we covered Digital Future Lab alumnus BotFactory, which raised $1.3 million, and just last week we did a piece on Alexapath, a current member of the Digital Future Lab, which makes “Skype for microscopes.”

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