Vote for these 40 SXSW panels featuring Brooklyn tech folk

Featuring Huge (lots of Huge), startups like Etsy and Sparkplug and students from South Brooklyn Community High School.

Huge x SXSW.

(Gif via Huge's Twitter)

The students of South Brooklyn Community High School are trying to get to South by Southwest.
Over on the Austin festival’s popular PanelPicker, they’re up for a panel to talk about how the Red Hook alternative school had them engage with career exploration and their community through a digital film production class.
For the uninitiated: Every year, SXSW holds a public voting process to help decide which panels get featured at the sprawling festival. Here’s a look at some of the panels featuring Brooklynites. Let us know if we missed you.
Voting ends on Sept. 2.

  • The NYC Department of Education has a panel with two Brooklyn-focused tech nonprofits: Tech Kids Unlimited (repped by founder Beth Rosenberg) and immigrant hackerspace Sunset Spark (repped by cofounder Yadira Hadlett). It’s called “Computer Science: Teaching Strategies for ELL/SWDs.”
  • Staff, students and partners of South Brooklyn Community High School, the Red Hook alternative school, are featured on a panel titled “Exploring Careers through Community Engagement.”
  • Knitting Factory Entertainment, the indie label that spun off the music venue located on Metropolitan Ave., is angling to talk about “Future of Live Indie Venues.”
  • Andrew Hill, chief science officer of the Bushwick-based CARTO (previously known as CartoDB), and Daniel Goddemeyer, founder of the Williamsburg-based research and design practice Object Form Field Culture (OFFC), want to make you think about how data and predictive algorithms could change the way you make decisions, via their talk “Soylent Data.”
  • This one’s not quite Brooklyn-based but feels like it’d resonate: a talk about the Empire State Building and how it has become a brand as much as it is a landmark. The talk is called “Emotional Cities: How Streetscapes Shape Emotions,” and reminded us how at our most recent stakeholder meeting, Brooklyn tech folks talked about how Brooklyn’s become a national brand, for better or for worse.
Companies: Sparkplug, Huge
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