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Dumbo’s Carrot acquired by Williamsburg’s VICE

Williambsurg's VICE acquires Dumbo's Carrot.

CMT's Redneck Recliners, a Carrot innovation, for season three of "My Big Redneck Vacation." From the Carrot website.

The company behind CMT‘s Redneck Recliner is now part of VICE. Dumbo’s Carrot announced yesterday that it has been acquired by VICE, the company recently valued $1.5 Billion after 21st Century Fox bought a 5% stake, earlier this year.

From the announcement on the Carrot blog:

“We have always been ahead of the competition when building digital products and experimenting for brands on concepts others deemed impossible,” says Mike Germano, CEO of Carrot Creative and Chief Digital Officer at VICE. “Many traditional holding companies have tried to buy us because of this, but we’ve turned them down knowing they would kill our innovation and coveted company culture. By becoming a part of VICE, we are joining a group of trailblazers on a mission and a culture of balanced inspiration and insanity.”

In the official press release ,Vice CEO, Andrew Creighton says:

“When I met Mike and the Carrot team, I was first struck by how alike to VICE they were; not  only handsome, but also driven to make an impact on the world while making their own rules.  When I learned that they were nerds and much smarter than us, I started salivating about working together.”

It’s worth noting that, under the deal, Carrot will continue to function as an agency, taking on clients, while simultaneously providing its services to VICE‘s increasing array of verticals. How well a company that makes media can incorporate an agency that other companies hire to generate earned media will be interesting to watch.

Carrot intends to remain in the borough. The blogged announcement concludes by saying, “Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we’re staying in DUMBO, because clearly, world-domination takes place from Brooklyn.”

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