Animal-free fashion label Vaute Couture turns to equity crowdfunding

Vaute Couture is seeking accredited investors via crowdfunding site CircleUp.

Vaute Couture models at a 2013 event.

(Photo by Flickr user ADinfinitum, used under a Creative Commons license)

Vaute Couture is seeking accredited investors in a convertible note seed round on CircleUp. The company submitted its intention to seek funding in a recent SEC filing.
Vaute Couture wants to develop the next generation of animal-free clothing. Founded by former model Leanne Mai Ly Hilgart, the company has already received loads of media attention.
Here’s a description from Vaute Couture’s CircleUp page:

Outerwear at the intersection of high ethics (vegan, organic, and recycled fibers, constructed in the USA), high-tech (innovative technical and performance textiles), and high design (we are the first all vegan label to show on the grid at New York Fashion Week).

The only other company we’ve found in Brooklyn so far that has used equity crowdfunding is Gimlet Media, which went through Betaworks’ Quire.

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