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Check out this GIF-based closing reception in Bushwick this weekend

GIFs, they rule. Transfer Gallery knows.

The galley is showcasing the work of Lorna Mills for its five-year anniversary. (Courtesy image)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in testing out what images to add to which stories it’s that people like GIFs. A much-maligned form that evolved out of the clip art world of the ’90s and into the memes of the present day has a lot to be said for it.

So much so that Kelani Nichole’s Transfer Gallery is devoting itself to the file format in a reception this Saturday for the closing of its The Great Code Show by artist Lorna Mills.

According to the gallery:

‘The Great Code’ is a suitable analogy for the way we now consume information — in a heterodox and nonlinear manner. Or it could be a new model for the Western tradition of thought: the fragmented datastream, an incoherent pile of thoughts, arguments and stories, … a firehose of information from perverts, hustlers, thieves, liars, fascists, communists, bad mothers, colonialists, drug addicts, middle aged ladies from small towns, misogynists (lots of them), homophobes, racists, supply side economists, plagiarists, political hacks, jesuits, pederasts, bank tellers, serial liars, brigands, and blaggards.


Joining the work of The Great Code will be more than 100 moving images curated by eight other artists, which will be installed only for this Saturday night closing.

Sounds neat, check it out.

Transfer Gallery is at 1030 Metropolitan Ave.

Admission is free.

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