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Install an airhorn on your laptop’s ~ key. Why not?

So far so good on trolling my family by playing the airhorn sound constantly. Thanks, Todd Anderson.

Blaaaaaaaa. (Air horn by Volodymyr Krasyuk via Shutterstock)

Interesting people doing cool things. It’s what we have here in Brooklyn. One of them, tech poet Todd Anderson has made some nice lil improvements to the internet, but none are quite as fun as his new airhorn extension on Google Chrome.
With the extension, each time you hit the little used ~ key, your computer makes the sound of an airhorn.

“I used to have a script that only ran on my computer that made one of my keys an airhorn button,” Anderson told Technical.ly Brooklyn in an interview over Facebook Messenger. “I’d use it after I told a joke, or when a friend entered a room.”
You might remember Anderson as being one of the leaders of the vanguard of code poetry. The co-owner of Manhattan weirdospace Babycastles, Anderson is a fixture in the New York poetry scene. This summer he also made a Twitter bot about Pokémon Go.

We asked how hard it was to make the airhorn extension.
“Oh, it’s really simple. Basically it just adds 3 lines of javascript to any webpage you load that says ‘when you press that key, play the airhorn sound,'” Anderson wrote. “And then it stores the airhorn sound in your browser, so you don’t have to load it with every page.”

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