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Which tech companies will make news in 2015? [Technical.ly Podcast]

For our latest podcast episode we bust out the crystal ball.

How does the future look today? (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Looking into the new year, Technical.ly reporters gathered in the offices of First Round Capital in Philadelphia to talk about 2015.
A hot topic of conversation was how cities relate to other cities. Why is there so much endless comparison? Are we all just following the lead of politicians who constantly have to speak but really have nothing to say? Still, if you had to pick a top dog, who would it be?

A few Brooklyn highlights from our conversation:

Are comparisons with Silicon Valley just the bloviations of “tone deaf political leaders?” We’ve heard that conversation here plenty. Technical.ly cofounder Christopher Wink says they are, and that there’s no truth or value in comparing tech scenes to the Valley. Each community brings value and it also brings its own character, which is, in the end, truer to what those places are than the mere question of size and volume of VC activity.
Listen in on the conversation and find out who’s disrupting greeting cards.

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Companies: Genius / Suneris / Etsy / Kickstarter
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