Tailor Brands raises $1.1 million [Startup Roundup]

Plus: Genius, ever interesting, announces two new hires.

This is the logo that the Tailor Brands system made for our brand.

Who’s getting money?

Tailor Brands, the algorithm-driven design company that makes logos for brands on the fly, announced a $1.1 million equity-only round, led by Tal Barnoach’s Disruptive Fund. We tried the service on our own brand. Tailor Brands also recently announced some new services.
Dumbo-based Kin Travel is seeking $400,000 in investment, according to an SEC filing. The company wants to establish a chain of hotels where the hotels actually benefit the communities they’re based in, according to a post on Inspiring Capital.

Who’s making moves?

On Monday, Maker’s Row held a brand and factory mixer at SOURCING at MAGIC, a major fashion trade show in Las Vegas.
Genius hired Emily Segal as creative director and Audrey Gelman as spokeswoman, according to Capital New York, which reported on the intriguing backgrounds of both women:

Segal is a cofounder of the “trend forecasting group” K-Hole, which has among other things the distinction of coining the term “normcore” (read more here if you must). Gelman, who has been profiled by The New York Times and The New York Observer, handled the press for Scott Stringer’s successful comptroller campaign two years ago, and inspired Allison Williams’ character on HBO’s “Girls,” now heads the “Millennial Strategy” division at strategic communications firm SKDKnickerbocker, where she is a senior vice president.

Genius has some kind of PR campaign in the works, it seems:

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