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Stratasys CEO on MakerBot cuts: ‘We’re doing the right things to restructure the company’

In a new article, Fortune takes an in-depth look at the restructuring of Brooklyn's 3D-printing powerhouse.

At the MakerBot factory in Brooklyn. (Photo by Louis Seigal/MakerBot)

When news broke last month that Brooklyn 3D-printing giant MakerBot was making significant layoffs, some tech observers were pessimistic about the company’s future.
But on recent investor call, the chief executive of MakerBot’s parent company was optimistic about its prospects:

“I think the future of desktop printing is great,” said Stratasys CEO David Reis in a response to a question about whether MakerBot still made sense as a market play for Stratasys. “We did have a slowdown and we discussed it a few times before in MakerBot. I think we’re doing the right things to restructure the company and prepare it for future growth.”

Former Technical.ly Baltimore lead reporter Andrew Zaleski has an in-depth look at where MakerBot stands — and where it’s going — in a new article for Fortune.
MakerBot, it seems, is in the midst of a pivot — and playing for the long term.

“We’re doing a lot of changes,” said Reis, who took over as CEO of Stratasys after the company acquired Objet in early 2013. “I think there is [a] very positive attitude and excitement in MakerBot. And I’m personally very confident that Jonathan [Jaglom] will be successful.” [Stratasys CFO and COO Erez] Simha said that 2015 would be a “turnaround year for MakerBot.”

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