Etsy buys Grand Street for $10M [Startup Roundup]

A web creation tool gets bought by the owners of Wordpress // Brooklyn puts the Internet on the ocean // Grand Street's founder may already have her next project lined up, now that Etsy has bought the electronics retail site.

Who’s getting money?

Scroll Kit, a company cofounded by Brooklyn’s Cody Brown that makes it possible to make really complex webpages without any coding, sold for an undisclosed amount, to Automattic, the company that runs WordPress, according to TechCrunch. It sounds like the team is moving in house at its new parent company.

This next one is confusing so forgive us for adding to that. Etsy bought Grand Street for $10 million. Grand Street is the curated electronics sales space that carried Bed-Stuy’s “The Public Radio” among other products. Both companies have blog posts about it, but we’ll go with Etsy‘s, as they are local. Meanwhile, Grand Street‘s parent company, Jarvis Labs, filed a $1.3 million equity only filing on the same day at the blog post, according to an SEC filing.  Yet, in this piece from Crain’s, it seems to refer to the same investment round from last April. We’d simply assume that the company didn’t get around to filing the investment with the SEC for a year, except if you look for JarvisLabs.com, you get a hard redirect to this landing page that seems to indicate some sort of new venture called “Vostice.” Could Vostice be the next venture of Williamsburg’s Amanda Peyton?

Maritime Broadband raised $3.64 million on an offered $4.64 million equity round, according to an SEC filing. The company has a system that gives ships in the middle of the ocean access to the Internet.

Who’s making moves?

Miner says it will be launching. Somehow, it makes virtual pop up stores at events.

Wadjet Eye Games completes its “Blackwell” series with “Blackwell Epiphany.” We wrote about the company’s Park Slope based husband-wife team here. The final entry in the series gets high marks from Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

In an email to Technically Brooklyn, The Awl cofounder Choire Sicha confirmed that the media company behind its namesake site and sites like Splitsider and The Hairpin has relocated to an office in Downtown Brooklyn.

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