Startup that makes protein bars out of crickets just raised $1.7M [Startup Roundup]

Bug protein, selfies and photo booths headline this week's Startup Roundup.

Exo bars are made from protein-rich cricket flour. (Photo by Flickr user jaygoldman, used under a Creative Commons license)

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Who’s getting money?

Exo Protein has raised $1.7 million in equity-only funding on an indefinite offering, according to an SEC filing. The company produces protein bars from crickets. Its cofounders, Gregory Sewitz and Gabi Lewis, hatched the idea as seniors at Brown University in 2013, according to the company’s LinkedIn page.


Who’s making moves?

Amplify has released an educational video game for kids, called “Twelve a Dozen,” which helps them learn about the order of operations for algebra. The game was made in collaboration with the UK’s Bossa Studios. It’s available for $4.99 in the iOS store.


BioLite has released a new product that generates power from flame, called KettleCharge. It could be useful if you have a gas stove in a power outage (the company’s video says “any stove,” but an electric stove wouldn’t be much help in a blackout).

Nukhu has announced it’s doing some sort of Instagram-based reality show over its mailing list. The team apparently did some shooting in Washington Square Park Friday and Saturday, but nothing from it has come out yet on Nukhu’s Instagram channel. They tagged their posts #selfiesecrets. We wrote about the forthcoming online film festival in June.

Speaking of selfie’s, Selfie.com is live.

BotFactory showed off Squink, the company’s desktop circuit board printer, last week at MakerFaire New York. The outfit is heading to MakerFaire Rome early next month. We wrote about BotFactory’s additive manufacturing system for printing circuits while its Kickstarter was underway last month.


Who’s getting buzz?

The Bosco got a video and write-up on Forbes. The Bushwick-based company makes a social media-ready photo booth good for big parties. There seems to be a lot of these companies out there, but this one is watched over by the spirit of a family cat.

Companies: Nukhu / BotFactory / BioLite / Amplify
Series: Brooklyn

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