Turn Slack to night mode with this cool hack built by an Etsy dev

Be free, night Slackers!

Slack in night mode.

(Image from Samantha Goldstein)

One Etsy developer has finally taken the years-long quest to get a night mode setting for Slack into her own hands.

Samantha Goldstein debuted on GitHub a hack to turn Slack to dark mode earlier this week.

Goldstein explained that the impetus for the project came from a years-long Twitter thread of people asking the company to build a night mode so that they can more comfortably work in the program during the late-night hours. Through the years, users have come back again and again to the thread, only to receive more or less the same response from Slack HQ, which is that the issue is on it radar but not at the top of its list of priorities.

“I wanted a theme for Slack that’s a bit nostalgic for IRC, and reminiscent of writing code in my terminal,” Goldstein wrote in a direct message. “In many ways Slack is a command line (with a lot of people on it!) and I wanted a way to reflect that. Slack doesn’t have a nightmode yet so I wrote up some broad strokes CSS that would convert the rest of the web page to the Slack theme of my choosing, and I hope it’s useful for others!”

To edit the code of Slack, future night mode users must have a Chrome extension. Goldstein uses Stylebot. Then the future night user can download the correct color palette and copy and paste the code Goldstein wrote.

Be free, night Slackers!

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