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Simply Grid pedastals create curbside electricity for food trucks

Simply Grid is a system of curbside electricity from the grid that keeps track of useage through the cloud.

Photo by Flickr user @jilleatsapples. [Creative Commons]

Forget those loud generators by your favorite food truck.

Simply Grid is a system that taps into a city’s electricity grid system from the street by way of a curbside pedestal with convertors and outlets.

Subscribers can activate a plug in through their mobile phone and useage will be tracked from there and billed separately. The charge includes the core electricity price and additional for the pedestal access. The Simply Grid team, which includes CEO Michael Dubrovsky and is now based in Brooklyn, is aiming first at food trucks for logical customers, since generators are dirty, noisy and, it turns out, expensive, given that diesel can make up to half of the average food truck vendor’s costs, according to a Forbes profile.

Refrigerated delivery trucks and electric car charging stations are also possible customers, said Dubrovsky.

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