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Brooklyn’s rooftop farming industry is booming

The borough is home to two urban farming companies, one of which reportedly operates the largest rooftop farm in the world, located in Chicago, according to a Curbed report.

Inside Gotham Greens. (Photo via Facebook)

A few years ago, rooftop farming might’ve seemed like a passing trend for city dwellers who yearned for more open spaces but weren’t about to give up their prized lofts. But now it looks like it has staying power — and even the potential to transform cityscapes.
Curbed has the deets in a well-reported piece by Karrie Jacobs on two Brooklyn-based rooftop farming companies, Brooklyn Grange and Gotham Greens. Gotham Greens, which began in Greenpoint, now owns and operates the largest rooftop farm in the world, which sits atop soap company Method’s factory in Chicago. Brooklyn Grange runs two farms of its own at the Navy Yard and in Long Island City, Queens, and also develops rooftop gardens for other clients, including Meadowsweet and Vice Media, both in Williamsburg.
“The difference between being a farmer and an urban farmer is there‚Äôs an obligation to bring your farm to the community,” Brooklyn Grange’s cofounder Anastasia Cole Plakias told Curbed.
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And don’t forget about indoor farming, which has recently piqued Brooklyn VC Charlie O’Donnell’s interest.

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