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Push For Pizza comes to Android (on 4/20)

Push For Pizza — branded rolling papers and all — is bursting back onto the scene with a handful of updates.

Push For Pizza wants to make ordering a pizza so frictionless you may not even remember you ordered it. “We want to make it so when you use GrubHub or Seamless, it feels like planning a wedding,” cofounder Cyrus Summerlin said when the company first announced its product.*
Now the company is updating its service and adding an Android version, all to release on 4/20. The timing is no accident.
“We dove head first into the tech world and have been working hard at turning this stoner dream into reality,” Summerlin said in a release.

PFP Rolling Papers1

Push For Pizza rolling papers. (Courtesy photo) 

“In the past 5 months we have removed any unnecessary friction from the UI, created our own database of pizzerias, and have been aggressively fundraising,” cofounder Max Hellerstein said in a release.

The Push For Pizza UI. (Courtesy image)

The team is in the midst of a fundraising round now, and has thus far announced participation by Gerard Adams, of Elite Daily; John Maloney, formerly of Tumblr; and Mother Ventures. With funding secured so far, Push For Pizza has created Pushy, the app’s macot.
The sleepy-eyed pizza slice will be at the marijuana legalization rally in Washington Square Park on 4/20 and the NYC Cannabis Parade on May 2.
Get 15 percent off your first order with the code “420NYC.”

The Push For Pizza ordering UI. (Courtesy image)

* This is probably our favorite quote since this site launched.

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