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Predictions for 2015 from Dumbo’s creative agencies

How creative agencies in Brooklyn spent 2014 — and the trends they see coming next year.

Jonathan Santoro, creative director at Carrot, making his predictions at dd:Social. (Photo by Brady Dale)

For the holidays, dd:Social asked creative agencies to get creative: Digital Dumbo’s Andrew Zarick got all his partners on the event to present two minutes on their successes in 2014 and end with one prediction for 2015.

True to form for this crowd, hardly any of them followed the rules (as in, most gave more than one prediction, one gave none and it didn’t seem like anybody kept it under two minutes).

Here are some of the cool bits of news we got about the companies’ work this last year:

Now, onto the predictions for 2015:

  • Carrot predicted that Disney would buy Nintendo so it could add Princess Peach to the Disney princesses, that Vince McMahon would run for the White House in order to bring back the XFL and that some of the people in the room might come to work for them (fair bet that the last one is their only really serious one).
  • Free Association predicted that design would be further automated (which is relevant to the previous dd:Social we attended) and that the purpose of wearables would become clear.
  • Huge predicted that “The Internet of Things” would become the “Internet of Everything,” as the web reaches everywhere.
  • Prolific predicted that Research in Motion would come storming back with a Blackberry that stomps the iPhone.
  • Red Antler simply suggested that creatives and entrepreneurs should trust their quirks. “The future looks different,” Osborne said, so don’t take your great idea for a company and wrap it in an experience that simply apes Apple or Google or Samsung. “Take some risks; make it work.”
Companies: Red Antler / Carrot / Digital DUMBO / Huge
Series: Brooklyn

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