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Designers at Pensa reimagine the sharing economy for success

Maybe we're not sharing our power drills because of the design of sharing programs.

Airbnb and Uber aside, there are a lot of big, expensive products people are not sharing with each other, like power tools, lawnmowers and camping equipment.

In a recent piece from Fast Company’s Co.Exist, designers from the Dumbo-based product design shop Pensa think about whether that has more to do with demand or with the design of the sharing programs.

“In a new conceptual project, designers at the industrial design and consulting firm Pensa asked themselves … what it might take to make sharing smaller items succeed,” goes the article. “In developing this theoretical product-sharing network, Pensa hopes to get other agencies and designers on board in re-imagining this sector of the sharing economy.”

It’s a good piece, worth a read and good to see the talented folks at Pensa being recognized as the experts they are.

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