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NYU Game Center event: Jane McGonigal on why video games are good for you

On Sept. 16, the game designer and author kicks off the 2015-16 Game Center Lecture Series.

Jane McGonigal at a 2011 event in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Flickr user Meet the media Guru, used under a Creative Commons license)

Remember when you were a kid, and either your parents or some other adults would tell you video games were going to “rot your brain,” and they weren’t good for you?
Jane McGonigal certainly doesn’t believe that, and she has more than a decade of research and a New York Times bestselling book to back her up.
McGonigal is the first featured speaker for New York University’s 2015-16 Game Center Lecture Series Wednesday at the school’s MAGNET facility in downtown Brooklyn.
Hosted by NYU in partnership with Games for Change, McGonigal will talk about her research into how games can affect the way people respond to stress, challenges and pain.
McGonigal is an accomplished game designer who’s focused on creating games that take on real-world problems. In her 2010 game, EVOKE, McGonigal urged gamers to take on issues like food security, energy, human rights and more.
The event starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday and is free to attend. Following McGonigal’s talk, she’ll be signing copies of her second book, Superbetter.

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