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NYC Bullet Map shows subway and bus lines together, saves you from Uber’s grasp

Your MetroCard is good for lots of forms of transportation. So why are you only taking the subway?

Together at last. (Photo via Kickstarter)

Buses are a super untapped resource for many Brooklyn commuters, and also people who want to get to and from places that are not work.
There are probably a lot of reasons for this, including inchoate class attitudes about bus travel and having to stand outside in the weather, but one major, basic reason is simply that they’re shown on different maps. If you want to take the subway and then a free transfer on a bus, you have to pull up different maps to see how to do that.
Well, that’s the problem solved by the NYC Bullet Map, a new project by Pratt graduate Anthony Denaro, which just went live on Kickstarter.
On the Bullet Map, every bus line and every subway line are laid out, and it is, indeed, way easier to see how you could get from place to place, particularly in Brooklyn, which has a ton of buses and not much in the way of intra-borough subways, without walking miles or succumbing to an Uber.

The map has been live for four days and 95 backers have donated a little more than $3,500 of the project’s $8,000 goal. For rewards, creator Denaro offers a download of the app for $5 and goes up from there to prints of the map and T-shirts.
“Eventually we’ll build a website that makes it easy to see entire transit network in the New York metro area easy to navigate,” he writes on the Kickstarter page. “Our ultimate goal is to produce a series of maps, apps and tools make riding transit as easy and smooth as possible. But first, we’re building a simple app.”
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