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On the Market: Open jobs at Pineapple Street Media, Livepeer, goTenna, more

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On the Market is a Technical.ly column where we highlight new and noteworthy job openings and the people who are lookin’. Got a submission? Email us and tell us why it belongs in the roundup.

Pineapple Street Media is looking for a producer-in-residence for its under-represented voices in media fellowship.

Pineapple Street Media is the creator of podcasts including Finding Richard Simmons and Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara. The idea behind the fellowship is to lower the barriers to entry in the podcasting industry for “aspiring producers of color and non-binary people.” Pineapple Street Media is led by Jenna Weiss-Berman.

Livepeer is hiring for a developer.

Livepeer is a New York-based blockchain startup working on decentralized, live video streaming. You can apply for the job on their website, but interestingly you can also apply through a kind of Common App for the blockchain world, called, of course, the Blockchain Common App, on which you can send in your resume for consideration to 28 cooperation blockchain startups.

goTenna has two open positions for product managers.

Communications off the grid is what goTenna does. The Brooklyn-born, -bred and -funded company led by Daniela Perdomo has been on a hiring spree recently. There’s a $5,000 referral bounty, so if you do apply, tell them you heard about it in Technical.ly Brooklyn.

If you’re an SEO person, check out this mysterious job opening.

What’s the story? We’re not sure but Critchlow is a longtime marketer, startupper, hacker and podcaster and well worth a note if you’re interested.

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