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On the Market: Open jobs in the Brooklyn tech world at LO3, uPort, LogCheck

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Time to BOOT UP. (Photo by Attribution Engine user Dominik Pacholczyk, used under a Creative Commons license)

On the Market is a Technical.ly column where we highlight new and noteworthy job openings and the people who are lookin’. Got a submission? Email us and tell us why it belongs in the roundup.

LO3 has four open roles in engineering and product.

Split between Brooklyn and Portland, Ore., LO3 is building a mesh electric grid with a new approach to metering, and with transactions based on an open ledger on the blockchain. The young company has also been raising money prodigiously, with $955,000 in the spring of last year and then a healthy $5.8 million this winter.

In January, we named the company as one of the 10 Brooklyn blockchain startups you should know about.

uPort is looking for a senior project manager.

uPort is working on one of the most ambitious projects conceivable in the blockchain ecosystem: decentralizing one’s identity.

Cofounder Rouven Heck wants uPort to be a sort of virtual passport on the blockchain. Personal information and data could be stored there and accessed and released only by the user, rather than by third parties like Facebook, healthcare providers and even the government.

LogCheck is looking for a sales rep.

From the idealistic to the pragmatic. LogCheck is a “simple mobile tool to help building maintenance staff automate their routine checks, tasks and reporting in the field.” The Flatiron-based startup founded by Mike Brown is looking for a sales rep with at least one year of experience. It’s been funded by two of Brooklyn’s VCs, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures and Urban Us.

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