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On the Market: 13 jobs at goTenna, Simplifi and Square Roots

Labor market demand in the startup world is high for marketers and coders.

goTenna in action. (Courtesy image)

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goTenna has 10 open positions to fill.

Communications off the grid is what goTenna does. The Brooklyn-born, -bred and -funded company led by Daniela Perdomo is hiring developers, salespeople and recruiters.

Simplifi is hiring for a director of engineering and a senior engineer.

The young company, founded by Will Sealy, is fresh off its 1776 Challenge Cup regional win and an impressive demo day. It’s looking to hire a code masher as it continues its mission to hack away at the noose of student loans that hangs around the throats of our country’s young adults.

Will Sealy, founder of Simplifi.

Will Sealy, founder of Simplifi. (Photo by Tyler Woods)

Square Roots is looking for a general manager at its Brooklyn campus.

Cofounded by Kimbal Musk, brother of Elon, Square Roots is trying to reorganize the way modern agriculture is done, trying out different ideas in shipping containers. The company is based at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Square Roots' urban farming campus in Brooklyn.

Square Roots’ urban farming campus in Brooklyn.

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