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What we need right now is some art

Macon Reed's digital work is about witches and capitalism, which sounds about right. It premieres at the BRIC Arts Biennial this Friday.

The BRIC Arts Biennial opens Nov. 10. (Courtesy image)

Macon Reed makes art, and right now a lot of us need some art in our lives. Her piece, Hammer of Witches, Pears of Anguish, will premiere at the BRIC Arts Biennial Friday night.
Reed is an Eyebeam Fellow, and we covered her works last month, while they were still in progress. According to BRIC, the piece is “a series of workshops and discussions will take place exploring the persecution of witches throughout history and its relation to the rise of capitalism, how we relate to our physical bodies, and collective imagination.”
When we talked to Reed at the Eyebeam open house she explained what she was thinking about.
“I read this book, Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici, that just kind of blew my mind about this 300-year period in Europe when we were transitioning from feudalism to capitalism,” Reed explained at the time. “A bunch of different events happened, like the bubonic plague, which left people in a position where they needed more bodies to labor. Women came under this huge pressure to make babies. One thing led to another and over this 300-year period, thousands and thousands of women were killed as witches. I was thinking about that and I was like, ‘What is it they were killing?’ These women weren’t actually witches, but they represented a system of logic that didn’t exist under the capitalist paradigm.”
Federici will actually be at the panel Reed is put together for Friday night. It will also include her fellow Eyebeam resident Morehshin Allahyari. 

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