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LeBron, Amber Rose take over Trap Karaoke in Toronto

“Plot twist lol,” said founder Jason Mowat. The Brooklyn startup is now taking its act global.

Amber Rose came through at Trap Karaoke in Toronto. (Photo via Twitter)

The boys done alright.
When we profiled Trap Karaoke’s Jason Mowat just two months ago (Hey what’s up hello: Get to know Trap Karaoke) the director of marketing at Thunderclap was excited about his new idea and seeing where it could go.
Now fast forward to the party in Toronto Saturday night for NBA All-Star weekend, where LeBron James and Amber Rose showed up and stole the show.

The King rapped March Madness by Future, much to the excitement of, like, everyone.
“FAM!!!!” Twitter user Boz Schwagg exclaimed.
“I love black ass business succeeding,” P(r)etty Kray added.
“I can’t believe I did Kareoke with Lebron. Shoutout to @trapkaraoke,” Deanii & Giants wrote. “And it’s amazing I still know ‘Knuck If Your Buck’ by heart.”
Many of the tweets were simply the flame emoji, or in many cases, several consecutive flame emojis.
Bed-Stuy’s Mowat had the idea for Trap Karaoke with a friend and decided to try to put on a show in the Lower East Side last fall with the help of his friend and DJ, Lowkey. The idea is simple enough: get a group of people together to rap their favorite songs on stage. But what might really make it a thing is how inclusive and positive Mowat and his cofounders make it.
“It’s sort of like living out this fantasy,” Mowatt explained. “You’re on a stage in front of hundreds of people singing like you’re in your bathroom. And then there’s a sense of community. A crowd of people who can understand that music and appreciate it. There’s no VIP there’s no bottle service it’s just a safe space between a group of people who all love the same thing.”

The show in the LES sold out and for their next show, Mowat decided to use his company’s new app, Crescendo, to allocate tickets. Crescendo is an app that allows people to sign up for push notifications from people or causes they care about. Everyone who signed up for Trap Karaoke’s Crescendo got a notification as soon as tickets went on sale, and were sure to get them in time. It worked. Tickets sold out in 40 seconds.
Now Trap Karaoke is set to go on tour. Tickets for Atlanta on Feb. 19 are available now on the company’s site, and nearly 40 more cities, including Rio de Janeiro are upcoming (you have to sign up to get the info on when the tickets drop).
Trap Karaoke’s popularity comes from being a good, novel idea. But its continued success might be due in part to some things Mowat’s picked up in the Brooklyn tech scene. When we talked about leadership, Mowat gushed about the things he’s learned from his startup boss, Dave Cascino.

“Working for Dave, like, you want to work hard,” he said. “He works hard and sets a good example. You learn that but also you learn about just being a good person. He’s like the .001 percent when it comes to great bosses. The best person I’ve worked for, ever, hands down.”

We’re excited about what the future holds.

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