Learn how to build a subpoena-proof Twitter account

David Huerta leads an NYC Resistor class in separating you from your tweets.


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On Jan. 24, 2017, a rogue former employee took over the Twitter account for Badlands National Park and began tweeting messages about the dangers of climate change he feared the incoming administration would deny. Other “rogue Twitters” popped up and had a moment.

Now you too can learn how to build you own subpoena-resistant Twitter account, thanks to a new class by NYC Resistor. It’s called “Pseudonymous Identities with TAILS” and will be taught by crypto partier David Huerta.

“We’ll cover an introduction to using TAILS, an operating system that will let you keep a secret online identity in a USB drive,” according to the event’s information. “We’ll be setting up TAILS USB drives, encrypted/persistent storage, and running through the steps needed to set up a subpoena-ready ‘rogue’ Twitter account as well as some of the general operational security practices around that.”

Whistleblowers have shown to be effective in getting out a message and sometimes affecting policy, and recent years have seen some big-time examples, from Edward Snowden to Chelsea Manning to everyone leaking to the press from inside the Trump administration (luv u, Mooch).


If you’ve got information, or just opinions to share that you don’t want coming back to you, this could be a good workshop. It’s not free, though, it costs $120.

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