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Lauren Singer, 2 years trash free, has some detergent for you

The zero-waste lifestyle blogger is building a brand with all those YouTube videos. Her company, The Simply Co., is now offering its first product.

Lauren Singer will soon show you how to make body butter. (Courtesy photo)

Lauren Singer has taken to YouTube to promote her trash-free lifestyle. The 20-something Brooklyn woman is working to prove that it’s possible to live in New York City and generate almost no trash. She’s been able to save two years worth of almost all of her non-compostable trash in one mason jar.
She will have a new video coming out about making body butter, shortly, on her YouTube channel. In the meantime, check out her first video, how to make trashless toothpaste:

The entrepreneur has a multi-faceted business, but she’s taking a page from Tim Ferriss’s book and grounding it in a consumer product. In November, Singer successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign for her company’s first offering: Simply Co. sustainable laundry detergent. It only uses three ingredients: baking soda, washing soda and Castile soap.
Singer also offered a ceramic laundry measure and sheep’s wool dryer balls, sourced in New York state, with her campaign. The dryer balls were posted to her Instagram last week and Singer emailed Technical.ly to say that backer rewards would go out by April.
Keep up with her latest thoughts on zero-waste living on her blog. For a play-by-play of how she lives, MSNBC did a detailed story, where a reporter visited her (totally sweet) apartment and walked through her waste-free lifestyle and how she makes it work. You can see all the re-useable bags and jars in action at the grocery store and even go through her garbage:

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