We will never sell, we will never go public: Kickstarter CEO

Crowdfunding leader says that from the start, Kickstarter was never going to be sold or go public.

Yancey Strickler, the CEO of Kickstarter, appeared on Bloomberg TV‘s Charlie Rose. See the excerpt from the show here.

The piece mostly covers the basics of what Kickstarter is, which is a topic Stickler is happy to dicuss, saying “A lot of the great ideas in the world are things people want to do just because they are excited about it.” However, the motivation of the interview seems to have been the fact that the company has broken a billion dollars in pledges.

So Rose asks the CEO what’s next. Strickler is clear on this point, that the founders said from the beginning that they would never sell the company, never go public and that they view Greenpoint’s Kickstarter as a public trust.

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