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Ship prototypes faster: InVision designer pitches Dumbo crowd

To ship products faster, design firms are looking for more efficient ways to get prototypes out to be tested. One Texas designer was at Digital Dumbo to talk a new product and his view of speed.

Ben Jordan, designer at InVision, at dd:Social "Design the Future." (Photo by Brady Dale)
Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that InVision was based in Dallas. Designer Ben Jordan is, but not the company. (11/24/14, 10:45 p.m.)

The faster prototypes can move from concept on a whiteboard to something that potential users can play with, the quicker a team can get to a real product. The sooner a real product can be made, the faster the team can iterate and the more quickly they can get to a version that really works for all users.

InVision sponsored the latest dd:SOCIAL “Design The Future” in order to talk to the Dumbo design community about their new product for rapid prototyping. Ben Jordan, a Dallas-based designer with the telecommuting-based company, spoke to the Digital Dumbo audience, describing InVision’s product as “a tool to help socialize the design process.”

Jodan opened his short presentation to the party crowd by saying, “If you were deep in conversation, I’m sorry. If you were in one of those awkward conversations, you’re welcome.”

He described a product that’s all about getting a quick wireframe together. Something that will let you bring developers, clients and potential users in early to begin getting feedback on aspects of the design before you commit.

“It really helps your clients understand what a clickpath looks like,” he said during an interview. Here’s a blog post from InVision featuring a designer from Huge.

Jordan told us that they wanted to come to Brooklyn to introduce themselves because of the concentration of creative agencies here and its general association with creatives. The company has been covering a lot of cities recently, he explained. InVision closed a $21 million series B in August, for a total funding of $34.1 million, according to TechCrunch.

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