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Internet Review passes $10k and adds contributors

Organizer Margarita Noriega also explains the process behind the book's official poster.

RIP 2016. (Image via Internet Review)

Three updates from Internet Review this week: they’ve added ten new contributors, exceeded $10,000 in funding and explained the creation of the official Internet Review poster, by Adam Koford.
The book of all the stuff that happened in 2016, organized by Newsweek’s Margarita Noriega, launched on Kickstarter on Dec. 5 and smashed its goal of $3,000 on the very first day.
Earlier this week it added ten new contributors, including Stefan Becket and Chantal Barlow.
Over the weekend, Noriega wrote a post about the evolution of the project’s RIP 2016 poster, which includes: Hillary Clinton, Pikachu, Good Kermit/Evil Kermit, Beyonce with a baseball bat, Harambe, a teen dabbing and hella other stuff from the zeitgeist. It’s neat.
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