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Put down your phone! Internet Review to launch Monday

A project by Brooklyn's Margarita Noriega, Internet Review will be a book of the best essays on what happened in 2016.

The book (if funded) will include more than 70 essays on the year 2016. (Photo via Medium)

Newsweek’s executive editor Margarita Noriega will launch Internet Review on Monday on Kickstarter. It’s a collection of short essays from the year that was, to be printed and bound up in an honest-to-G-d book.
“Devices are now beginning to limit our understanding of what matters offline,” Noriega wrote in a Medium post explaining the project. “We cannot disregard the benefits of connectivity, but there has to be a smarter, healthier balance.”
Internet Review counts more than 70 contributors, writing on topics from politics to sports to memes. A few prospective highlights include Josh Gondelman on the “Warriors had a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals” meme, Helen Rosner on performative consumption, Siwe Fumodoh on Donald Trump’s vulgarity, and Sasha Frere-Jones on Gil Scott-Heron’s B-Movie.

In contrast to the constant beam of information we find online, reading books allows people time to digest and consider the ideas they just read. That may be an “important” thing to do, or it may just be a pleasant thing to do.
“The book will focus on our love and hate relationship with the internet and social media,” Noriega writes, adding later, “There are bigger problems in the world than a subtweet.”
Noriega hasn’t announced how much the Kickstarter campaign will be looking to raise. Be on the lookout, it launches Monday.

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