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Stupid Hackathon returns, promises to be real dumb

The organizers of daylong hackathon unveiled a Kickstarter campaign this week where you can register early.

The NonAd Blocker let's you skip the drek and get to the good stuff. (GIF via Stupid Hackathon website)

The Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon returns Feb. 25, its creators announced this week in an orchestrated media campaign capped off by a Kickstarter page.

This will be the Stupid Hackathon’s fifth year of existence. Founded by artists Sam Lavigne and Amelia Winger-Bearskin, the hackathon brings people together to create the most useless websites, apps and hardware they can conceive of. It’s a living piece of criticism of the tech world, where ideas that seem not so far from parody receive millions in investment with some frequency.

Categories for innovation this year include: commodities to end climate change, smart garbage, monetizing children, fetal leaning in and deepest learning.

Projects from last year’s Stupid Hackathon included the NonAd Blocker, which blocks out all content on websites so you can focus on the advertisements, and Cheesebot, a 3D printer that uses a canister of Velveeta-type cheese as the filament.

The Stupid Hackathon is looking to raise $2,500 on Kickstarter to pay for food, prizes and materials. They’ve already hauled in $2,145.

Support by Feb. 2
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