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Are you ready for 3 new podcasts from Gimlet Media?

Crooked cops, honest mobsters, Amy Sedaris, David Cross and something about the news. Gimlet's fall season starts Nov. 14.

Alex Blumberg says podcasts are about to pop off. (Photo by Tyler Woods)

We covered Gimlet Media back when it was American Podcasting Corporation so here we go. The media company announced Tuesday that three new podcasts will be debuting this November, one focusing on journalism and the other two being serial stories: one a comedy, one a drama.
It’s a big rollout for the Fort Greene-based podcasting publisher made famous by the extremely popular Reply All, hosted by P.J. Vogt and Alex Goldman (or is it Goldmund?).

Undone premieres Nov. 14 and is about digging into the depths of the news. “Often the stories we thought were over haven’t really ended. They were the beginning of something else,” Gimlet says.
Homecoming, premiering Nov. 16, is labeled as a psychological thriller and stars some familiar names, including Amy Sedaris, David Cross and Michael Schwimmer. The story centers on “a caseworker at an experimental facility, her ambitious supervisor and a soldier eager to rejoin civilian life — presented in an enigmatic collage of telephone calls, therapy sessions and overheard conversations.”
Crimetown is produced by the creators of HBO’s The Jinx, and is about the crime underworld of Providence, R.I., where it can be hard to tell the mobsters from the cops, according to the show. It debuts Nov. 2o.
This new wave of shows could explain what Gimlet had in mind when it raised over $5 million last December.

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