Gilt closes down Navy Yard photo shop where it all started [Startup Roundup]

Plus: Genius adds a new user — legendary producer Rick Rubin.

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Sept. 12, 2013. (Photo by Brady Dale)

Who’s making moves?

Tailor Brands, the algorithmic logo designer we first discovered via a TechCrunch Disrupt video, has announced four new products. In the startup’s $99 business package, brands can now get Facebook headers, Twitter headers, email signatures and email list headers, according to an email from the company.
Goods of Record, an ecommerce startup focused on telling the story of well-made products, is relocating here from Philadelphia, according to Technical.ly Philly.

Who’s getting buzz?

The last bits of Gilt Groupe are leaving Brooklyn. It was just a photo studio left, but now even that is moving to Manhattan from the Navy Yard. The company started in the Navy Yard but now it’s all out, according to Business Insider.
Genius is now letting users view almost any site through a Genius window (sort of like Reddit does), so they can see if anyone has made an annotation of its text. The company calls them “Genius activated pages” and the feature is in private beta now, according to a spokesperson for the company. Look at our biggest story about the company through that lens. Flavorwire punned.
Meanwhile, Def Jam cofounder Rick Rubin has been annotating lyrics on the site, adding details about how songs got recorded, according to Slate.
Manufacture NY and Pratt’s Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator are both in a story in Crain’s about bringing apparel manufacturing back with better technology.
Parcel, the timed redelivery service, got covered by Re/code last month. We wrote about them last year.

Companies: Parcel / Tailor / Manufacture New York / Genius / Pratt Institute
Series: Brooklyn

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