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Technical.ly and PlayWell are gamifying The Talk

How can we improve on the standard talk? Make it into a competition.

Boss Fights Are Dead. Or are they? (Screenshot)

Talks are good! Talks are sometimes even great! You learn stuff you didn’t know before on a topic you’re interested in.
But still, admit it, they can be better. How, you ask? Technical.ly Brooklyn and game company PlayWell teamed up to add some strategy to the Talk. We’d like to introduce the first installment of the Games Debate Club.
We’ll bring two panels of pros to engage in mind combat to convince you of things you probably already have opinions on. Forget eSports. This is brain sports at its finest.
The motion to be debated this round?

Boss Fights are Dead

If your blood is already boiling with the need to spray your opinions across the room, join us on the evening of the 16th. Walk in resolute and leave with your paradigms shifted all over the damn place.
The debate will be held at the Williamsburg coworking space The Yard, at 33 Nassau Ave., and beer will be provided. The event is free and open to the public, but space is limited.

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