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This filmmaker is making a hat that just says ‘movies’ on it

We talk with “Kentucker Audley” about his fiercely pro-movie Kickstarter campaign.

This hat says "movies" on it. (Courtesy photo)

If you’re a fan of movies, do I have a story for you.
One brave Brooklyn soul has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness about the films of the silver screen. He’s a Brooklyn-based director and actor who goes by Kentucker Audley, and he’s raising money on Kickstarter to produce hats that say “movies” on them. The campaign reached its goal of $308 in one hour and has now topped $2,000. It’s no potato salad, but hey.
“It’s important to spread the message about movies,” Audley’s Kickstarter page reads:

Most people like TV shows and virtual reality better now, or even internet games, but we shouldn’t forget about movies, because there’s been some good ones over the years like Diner and American graffiti. If people forgot about movies, we’re in deep shit. So that’s the main reason you should wear this hat. And don’t be afraid to use it as a conversation starter. If someone asks you, “so what’s the deal with the cap?” Just answer: “spreading the gospel, my brother”.

Technical.ly Brooklyn scored an interview with Mr. Audley. Here’s how it went:
Well first, is Kentucker your real name? If not, what is?
Kentucker is a pseudonym. My real name is reserved for family and friends only.
What made you want to make a hat that says “movies” on it?
I wanted that hat myself, and I thought other people might too. I make movies, and I’m a huge fan of movies. It’s good to publicly display your hobbies and interests.
How did you come to navy blue and white?
I tested out several other colors, like green and red, but I liked the way navy blue looked the best. The hard part was picking out the font. And putting a slight curve on it.
Were you surprised by the response this got on Kickstarter?
I was hoping we could get at least 12 people who wanted the hat, but we’ve already got over 50 in 2 days. So yeah, I’m really surprised. Maybe it proves that movies aren’t dead after all. I would like to think that if everyone wears the hat, it’ll spread the message about movies so they can compete with virtual reality, TV shows, and computer games, which are all the rage now.
What do you think of Kickstarter generally?
I love Kickstarter. It’s one of my favorite websites. You need lots of money to do creative projects and rich people never use it right. That’s why you need a system where normal, non-rich people all chip in to get something good off the ground.
What do you think of movies generally?
Huge fan. I watch hundreds of movies every couple months.

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