FictiveKin calling on startups to state their /purpose

Local design firm is calling on startups and makers to say the why behind what they do, and to post that statement for their community to see.

Dumbo creative agency FictiveKin is putting out the call to startups and makers to state their purpose.

To do so, they have built a separate page for the idea, called slashpurpose. Not to pitch their work with another about page, but to tell a story and vision. So, for example, FictiveKin has both an Welcome page and a /purpose page.

On their Welcome page, they promise they’ll be on budget and on time. On their Purpose page they say they believe that the Internet’s natural connectivity can be leveraged to bring humans closer together. See the difference?

Some links to the /purpose pages of firms that have taken up the call:

  • Dots, game maker led by local developer Patrick Moberg.
  • Poncho, a Betaworks project built by a largely Brooklyn team.
  • Jonathan Mann, local musician writing a song a day.
  • Friend of Technical.ly, Philadelphia coworking space, Indy Hall.
  • Muchohedron is a Milwaukee based company, but it stuck us that their purpose is focused on improving Milwaukee, as our motto is similar: “Better cities through technology.”

FictiveKin has a number of identities out there, in the form of projects they have launched or been integral to, such as Brooklyn Beta and Gimme Bar. Each one of those projects has its own Purpose page as well.

Companies: Indy Hall
Series: Brooklyn

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