Digital Art Friday: Eric Rieper, 2013, ‘WREKKING_BAL.WMV’ [video]

Revisiting Miley Cyrus's controversial video from late last year, a digital artist reminds us where she came from.

A screenshot from WREKKING_BAL.WMV. (Vimeo)

Miley Cyrus raved here during New York Fashion Week last week, according to Bushwick Daily, so our pick for this week’s Digital Art Friday is “WREKKING_BAL.WMV,” a remix of Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” made by Eric Rieper.

Rieper had his MFA thesis show at Pratt in April. On his “Music” page, he said he used Ableton Live, Pure Data, Logic, Max/MSP, Cubase and Pro Tools.

Rieper has a variety of real life and online projects where people are encouraged to interact with technology, each other, or both, on his website.

Companies: Pratt Institute
Series: Brooklyn

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