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CEO of goTenna has a message for Trump: NAFTA helps her hire in NYC

Not only does free trade help her Mexican workers, writes Daniela Perdomo, it allows her to hire full-time American workers.

goTenna in action. (Courtesy image)

Daniela Perdomo, the cofounder and CEO of goTenna, took exception last week to President Donald Trump’s suggestion of a 20 percent tariff on goods imported from Mexico. Yesterday, she took to LinkedIn to collect her thoughts.

The maker of off-the-grid communications systems, goTenna is one of the most successful startups in Brooklyn. Last year it raised $7.5 million in venture funding.

“NAFTA makes it possible for me to hire excellent, highly-trained, full-time employees in New York, one of the most expensive and competitive technology markets in the world,” she wrote. “It has enabled me to offer full benefits and market-rate salaries here while maintaining decent gross margins on our products, which are assembled in Mexico by people who also receive health insurance, fair wages, and a host of other perks.”

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