The creator of NYU’s virtual-reality Hamlet is fundraising to take his show on the road

“To Be With Hamlet” creator Javier Molina is looking to raise $150,000 on GoFundMe.

Christmas Sweater World, we hardly knew ye.

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Last fall, we went behind the scenes of To Be With Hamlet, a virtual-reality production of the Shakespearean play, at NYU’s MAGNET.

Now Javier Molina, the project’s creator and producer, is seeking to fund future performances of the project outside the New York City area: namely, to places that may not already have the specialized equipment needed to pull the production off. Through GoFundMe, he’s seeking to raise an ambitious sum, some $150,000, to bring that goal to fruition. More than a third of that goal, nearly $55,000, would go toward equipment, such as the motion-capture system used to map the performers’ movements to their characters’ avatars.

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The campaign also calls attention to To Be With Hamlet the nonprofit, which Molina has set up to support the development of similar works that bring traditional plays to the virtual-reality stage. Other Shakespearean works potentially in the pipeline include Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest.

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