BHQFU is offering 6 free courses this spring that look amazing and strange

The Industry City arts org has some great ways for you to get more interesting.

Students in Colleen Hoban's class coding Scratch Jr. from underneath the computer lab tables

(Photo courtesy of Colleen Hoban)

Forget Coursera and check out BHQFU, the internet arts organization based in Industry City.

BHQFU is basically a free art school, though it also has a gallery space called FUG, and this is what it does. Six courses are being offered this spring and we highlighted three below:

1. Post-Fact Studio
  • “A series of discussions, readings, screening and guest appearances will unravel topics ranging from the role of postmodernism in engendering a post-fact political landscape to the influence of cinema and dystopian fictions on reality.”
2. Skill Yourself
  • “Participants will learn multiple DIY techniques including mold-making and casting, screenprinting, videomoshing, and synthesizer building in an inclusive and welcoming learning environment. … Throughout the term, participants will collaboratively design an installation to be exhibited in May 2017 at BHQFU’s gallery space, FUG, that will include works, environments, and performances developed during class.”
3. RealNiggaHours: Memes & Identity (or “Curtis”)
  • “#RealNiggaHours is a online/irl course in which participants will practice critical analysis of contemporary culture through internet memes. The course will consist of discussions, lectures, and digital studio practice that center blackness as an incubator of culture: how it is forged, cultivated, and transmitted across media. … The group will periodically publish content and the course will culminate in an archive.”
Check out the full slate of classes
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