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Apply to be a Mozilla Science Lab fellow

“This is not your typical research grant or academic opportunity.”

Current Mozilla Science Lab fellow Joey Lee is working on a mobile sensor network to map CO2 emissions in urban environments. (Courtesy image)

There are three weeks remaining to apply to be a fellow at the Mozilla Science Lab, and if you’re interested in science and the open web and have an idea for a project, you should do it.
Applications are open until July 15 and the only restrictions seem to be that you must be affiliated with a research institution. Otherwise, you get $60,000 and the help and guidance of the Mozilla Foundation to work on a project that interests you and share it with the world.
“This is not your typical research grant or academic opportunity, it’s a chance to do something creative, splitting time between your own work, collaborative passion projects, as well as teaching and conference travel,” according to the organization. “If you are interested in open science, open access, open data or open source, and you’d like to make the world a better place through research and collaboration, you should apply.”

The program is run by Brooklyn’s Aurelia Moser, but geography is not an issue. We recently met a current fellow, Joey Lee of Vancouver, who’s working on a mobile sensor network to map CO2 emissions in urban environments.
The Mozilla Science Lab will choose four fellows and is focusing this year on the physical, life and natural sciences. The program starts in September.

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