Sam Lavigne says data itself is labor

Our favorite digital Frankfurter on why machine learning is a means of production owned by capital.

Sam Lavigne's Online Shopping Center adds items to his cart as he sleeps. (Courtesy image)
Despite putting so much good stuff onto it, Sam Lavigne hates the internet.

In a new piece in The New Inquiry, he explains why the oncoming wave of artificial intelligence isn’t a job murderer, but rather an insecure boss who needs to be reassured his jokes are funny.
“There is nothing fundamentally wrong with automatons taking over human labor,” he writes. “In fact, it is a desirable outcome if the automations are collectively owned or controlled by the labor force they replace. The tragedy of automation and AI taking over, the fear of the ‘singularity,’ is actually just the realization of a fundamental characteristic of capitalism: those who don’t control the means of production will always be excluded from the benefits of their labor.”
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