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Now you can get analytics for your backyard vegetable patch

Brooklyn startup Agrilyst is rolling out a personal version of its commercial farming product.

Baby arugula sprouts on floating burlap rafts. (Photo by Tyler Woods)

Agtech startup Agrilyst is rolling out a backyard version of its commercial farming software, called the Hobby Plan.

The Hobby Plan helps home gardeners best manage their plants. According to the company’s post on the product, it “will be able to store seeding plan details and create crop schedules, stay on top of work orders with crop tasks, record notes related to crops, and store harvest information. Agrilyst will use this information to plan your harvests over a 30-day period, understand your plant yields, pick high-performing varieties, and more.”

Agrilyst was recently ranked No. 4 on our realLIST ranking of Brooklyn startups. The company, which aims to bring big data to commercial farming, has a promising product and an energetic founder in Allison Kopf.

The Hobby Plan is free for two weeks and then $50/month after that.

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