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3D-printed lamp raises 12,000% of its Kickstarter goal

A note from the wonderful world of Kickstarter.

Che-Wei Wang, Taylor Levy and child show off their pendant light. (Image via Kickstarter)

3D-printed lamps took Kickstarter by storm this past month, with design firm cw&t raising more than $10,000 to design, print and ship 100 lamps.

“It’s a light that you can put on your floor, your desk, your table, by your bed, which is where we keep ours,” Taylor Levy, the “t” in cw&t said in the Kickstarter video. “Each one is going to be unique and we’re only making 100 of them.”

Each lamp, or pendant light, as the pair calls them, will be unique and printed out of the couple’s Brooklyn home.

“We’re designing each lamp using equations with Autodesk Fusion 360,” the Kickstarter campaign says. “After trying a bunch of techniques, including scripting, we found this method gives us the most variation and flexibility. And it feels a lot like sketching!”

The pair’s campaign is also notable for the remarkably cute Kickstarter video, which features the couple’s toddler prominently.

It just goes to show that there are still plenty of creative people making interesting things and Kickstarter continues to pair them with people who will gladly pay to support them. The lamps, which have sold out (but you can get the file sent to you and print one out yourself if you like) are going for $85.

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