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3 reasons why Ethereal NY is more than a blockchain conference

A series of talks and workshop May 11–12 will explore how to best build a decentralized future.

The conference takes place May 11–12 during Blockchain Week NYC. (Photo courtesy of ConsenSys)
This is a guest post by Amanda Gutterman, CMO of ConsenSys and cofounder of Ethereal, published as part of a media partnership with Technical.ly.

When Ethereal NY kicks off at the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn on May 11–12, the event will commence Blockchain Week NYC, seven days of high-profile conferences showcasing the most exciting projects and thinkers from around the world of blockchain and beyond.

With thousands pouring in to New York City for events like Consensus 2018, Women on the Block and Token Summit, the week will function as a global summit for the industry. Of all the events taking place, it’s the Ethereal Summit that takes the most unique approach to both discourse on the technology and the human and social sides of the decentralized revolution.

With leaders from the blockchain industry like Joe Lubin (ConsenSys), Ayako Miyaguchi (Ethereum Foundation), Sheila Warren (World Economic Forum), Amber Baldet (formerly JPMorgan) and Yorke Rhodes (Microsoft), the conference will feel more like a festival of ideas than a stuffy symposium.

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Ethereal NY is more than a blockchain conference, here are three reasons why:


Ethereal Summit is hosted by ConsenSys, an industry-leading, Brooklyn-based blockchain venture studio with over 50 projects bound together by a vision to build the decentralized future. ConsenSys projects include decentralized platforms for sectors like music (Ujo), storytelling and art (Cellarius), energy (Grid+) and digital identity (uPort), to essential pillars of the blockchain network infrastructure, like MetaMask and Infura.

(Editor’s note: Several of these ventures are featured in our recent list of the top 10 Brooklyn blockchain projects you should know about.)

The spirit of #BUIDL — a focus on building the dApps and platforms of the decentralized future over the speculative value of digital currencies — imbues the entire Ethereal Summit programming, atmosphere and audience, making it an important gathering for developers, entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

A panel at the Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn last May.

A panel at the Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn last May. (Photo by April Joyner)


The blockchain world is fast-paced, even for those already enmeshed in tech or startup culture. With that in mind, Ethereal Summit events always offer a chance to chill out between all the major announcements, mind-stimulating workshops, brand activations and networking events.

Ethereal NY will continue a tradition of the Zen Zone, a quiet and pristine space for meditation, yoga and moments of reflection amidst the chaos of Blockchain Week. Deepak Chopra will lead a meditation in the Zen Zone. You’ve got to remember to take care of yourself, others and the planet, and to remain present as we work to bring about a decentralized world.


At Ethereal, inclusion and diversity of gender, race, age and thought is intrinsic to the programming and summit attendees. This instance of Ethereal NY is no different, and will feature women leaders from around the world of blockchain, finance, art and government. Just a few of the notable speakers include Kavita Gupta (of ConsenSys Ventures), Amber Baldet (former Head of Blockchain at JPMorgan) and Eva Kaili (Greek Representative to the EU Parliament).

The Ethereal audience reflects the event’s inclusive ethos. Between all the talks, hackathons, tasty snacks and meditative moments, there is an atmosphere of open dialogue and plenty of time to gain new perspectives.

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A panel at Ethereal 2017. (Photo courtesy of ConsenSys)

A panel at Ethereal 2017. (Photo courtesy of ConsenSys)

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