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You can now take Zipcar one-way from Baltimore to DC

And back. It's the car-sharing service's latest feature.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake speaks outside Zipcar's Harbor East office in 2014. (Photo courtesy of City of Baltimore/Mark Dennis)

Zipcar thinks the Baltimore-D.C. mega-region is real. The car-sharing service is set to start offering one-way trips between Baltimore and D.C.
Zipcar typically requires members to drop a car in the same city where they picked it up. Cars at about 20 spots in Baltimore, as well as a few in Towson and near UMBC, can now get dropped off in D.C., the app-booked service announced this week. The one-way trips can also be booked within the city limits.
In D.C., Zipcar has 200 spots available for the one-way cars. To get back to Baltimore, there’s the option of keeping the car or booking a second one-way trip.
The one-way ride also offers the option of switching up destinations mid-trip, leaving some freedom to pick between circles and museums en route. Drivers can also opt to extend their time with a car.
Zipcar is targeting commuters, day-trippers and families who need some extra space with the new feature.
The one-way service started with a 2014 beta in Boston, with Zipcar announcing a wider push earlier this year as it looks to focus more on cities.

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