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Zip Code just hired Newark’s most huggable cop

The coding school will employ James Spadola, and they're excited.

Zip Code Wilmington. (Photo by Rana Fayez)

Over the weekend, word spread on #netDE that Zip Code Wilmington scooped up a big, quality hire. Turns out the coding bootcamp is bringing on James Spadola, the former Delaware state senate candidate, Iraq war vet and Newark police officer maybe best known for the #HugACop social media campaign that went viral in 2015.
We first heard as Zip Code Wilmington cofounder and investor Ben duPont fired off this tweet.

We reached out to Zip Code Wilmington Head of School Melanie Augustin for a quick chat. She told us that the coding school hired Spadola as Director of Business Development.
Augustin once held that same job before becoming head of school, though she explained that they’ve expanded the position’s responsibilities and will turn to Spadola to fill the gap. She offered that Zip Code is “really excited to start working” with Spadola. She pointed to his individual track record as evidence that he’s a great hire.
Spadola will assume the role, according to Augustin, on March 13, 2017.

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